Shyregoed is the northernmost region of Panyimium, bordered on the south by Mishkan, Helios, and Imisus. People

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Shyregoed is the second-smallest of the regions, only larger than Helios.


Shyregoed has an overall alpine climate, featuring both alpine tundrsa and subalpine forestation. A typical year features bitter winters only tempered by the chance of a mild spring. As Shyregoed reaches higher elevations, mainly in its numerous mountanouis areas, the climate becomes colder and dryer, with rare precipitation. .


Vegetation in Shyregoed has low diversity, as only hardy species can survive the long winters and make use of the short summers. Trees are mostly limited to conifers, as few broadleaved trees are able to survive the very low temperatures in winter. Even though the diversity may be low, numbers are high, and the forest covers much of the nonmontainous parts of Shyregoed. Agricultural potential is generally poor, due to the short growing seasons which prohibit all but the hardiest of crops. Typical growing seasons range from 45 to 90 days, with temperatures frequently falling below freezing. Frost occurs throughout the growing season in many areas. Most Shyregoadians instead turn to trapping, trading the furs and fat-products off at Shyregoed's trade ports.

Culture and EconomyEdit


The colder climate of Shyregoed influences most clothing towards a heavier nature. A typical outfit often features furs and thick cloth reinforced by imported leather. Shyregoedian capes are famous in Panymium for their enduring quality.


Preserved, fermented, and hardy foods. Shyregoed is known for their robust and lasting cuisine, which ranges from stews to dried meats. While Shyregoedian food doesn’t have much in the way of flavor, their courses are notoriously big in portion in comparison to the rest of the kingdoms.